Historic Spiritual Places On Earth You Shouldn’t Miss

KyotoWhen people visit a naturally beautiful site, the feeling and experience might present a sense of calmness and peace. However, for people in ancient times, such places held much more value. Civilizations across the globe have associated religious and a spiritual significance to natural sites which had an important role to play in their culture. Starting from mythological abodes of gods such as Lord Shiva and Zeus up to the beautiful place where Buddha attained enlightenment, such places are homes of legends. All of these places have some kind of special magi or energy which makes them scared spots.

  • Kyoto, Japan:

Kyoto was formerly called Heian-Kyo which means the capital of tranquility and peace. Kyoto remains to be the centre of the Japanese culture since over 1000 years. The city comprises of many ancient spiritual spots such as 400 Shinto shrines, 1600 Buddhist temples as well as 90 Christian churches. The 8th century Fushimi-Inari Shrine is a great place to get an idea of this spiritual city.

  • Cape Reinga, New Zealand:

Cape Reinga is believed to be the place where deceased leave and reach afterlife by joining Hunenuitepo goddess. This is why it is known as the leaping place of the spirits. For the Maori people, the place is a connecting spot with their ancient ancestors. A visitor may find the place as a dramatic spot but it holds a lot of spiritual significance.

  • Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia:

Having a surface elevation of about 3,800 meters, the Lake Titicaca is important to Inca civilization’s birth which was founded by King Manco Capac. The King is believed to have originated from a rock present on ‘Isla Del Sol’ or ‘Island of the Sun.’ As a result of this; the island became a major religious centre and had many pilgrims visiting its shrine. Presently, one can sail across the island and have a walk on the flag-stoned pathways. You can also see the beautiful Andes from the posada and visit the temple ruins as well.

  • Avebury, UK:

Avebury is surrounded with a cute village, a sanctuary, a big barrow from 3650BC and biggest mound of the world in Europe. Details as to why it is dotted with such kinds of oddities are not known to anyone. However, it is believed that was a major Neolithic ceremonial spot. People performed several kinds of rituals there and made connections with spirits and seasons. It’s said that such a connection is possible even today.

  • Lake Atitlán, Guatemala:

Lake Atitlán, an extensive volcanic crater, is located in the Guatemalan Highlands. The lake is popular for the Maya villages bordering its shores as well as its scenic beauty. Lake Atitlán has been attracting tourists since the around eighty years. Lake Atitlán’s shores are also known for archeological sites. There is also the ruin of a pre-Spanish town named Chiutinamit which draws the attention of many visitors.

Though there are many wellness holidays which offer meditation, mindfulness and other things, the biggest balm may be discovered by simply watching the shimmering Lake Titicaca or the Lake Atitlán.